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Venomous Heroine

Written by Chelsey Fawcett


A re-imagining of Medusa’s absent story from history which explores the physical manifestations of stress, sexual assault, and victim shaming from a contemporary perspective, woven into the world of Classical Greek Mythology.

This is Chelsey's most recent work, which was developed into its stage ready rendition with the assistance of the Teesri Duniya Theatre Fireworks program.



Written by Chelsey Fawcett


From the age of twelve, Chelsey Fawcett has been writing plays, and in 2016 she decided to start being more serious about contributing to Canadian Theatre as a playwright. Her first production and her debut writing project Jaan was performed October of 2017 by Scorpio Theatre, and is a feminist piece about sexual abuse and violence against women. What makes the play unique is the show is intentionally written for gender neutral casting to provoke further dialogues about gender assumptions. 


Chelsey is ALWAYS working on her own writing projects, and you can find her next work that's being produced in the What's Next  section of this website.


Press Release Jaan (courtesy of Scorpio Theatre): 

Dr. Bennett’s career is one dotted with disappointment, failure, and ridicule. But the shocking discovery of a living specimen of the legendary “mermaids of Lake Minnewanka” is certain to turn that career, and the entire scientific community, upside down. But as we witness the journey that led to the discovery, study, and the shocking revelation to the scientific world, we learn that lines drawn between science and ambition are as deep and dark as the waters of Lake Minnewanka itself. Chelsey Fawcett’s “Jaan”, directed by Dan Gibbins, is certain to tease, taunt, and entertain while leaving you desperate for answers that may never come.



Mother Medea

Written by Chelsey Fawcett


Mother Medea is a one-act tragic adaptation about Medea and her role as the mother that needs to kill her children to achieve justice against her husband Jason and the kingdom of Corinth that is banishing her and stealing her child. When Medea plots a plan to kill Jason’s new bride, she realizes she must also kill her children, or else they will die at the hands of her enemies.


Despite the fact that she will forever feel the guilt of her actions we see a Medea is punished to never live in silence with the constant noise of voices of those she has killed. Quarreling with her past, and revisiting how to set the soul of her child free, Medea must now reflect and try to reason with her own actions to learn that the right choice made from anger is never right.


Mother Medea is an adaptation that explores motherhood, and a contemporary look at the societal perspective of legacy.

Previous productions:

Private Performance – MFA project

University of Ottawa

November 13,14 2020


Chelsey is ALWAYS working on her own writing projects, and you can find her next work that's being produced in the What's Next  section of this website.

How May I Help You?

Written by Chelsey Fawcett


How May I Help You? is a gripping devised drama written by Chelsey Fawcett in her Toronto debut. Shrouded in mystery upon entering the space, you will be taken on an immersive journey through the psyche of a charismatic leader and the defiance of their followers. By exploring the power of words in society, the inaugural cycle of The Lighthouse Troupe’s The Stained Glass Collection will take you on a roller coaster theatre experience and leave you challenging your own morals and beliefs.

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