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What is Dramaturgy and what do you do? 

Your voice.

Your story.

Told your way!

I like to think of dramaturgy, as that encouragement that helps guide and support your personal goals with your writing. We are here to aid in your abilities as a writer, provide support to your ideas to create your story, your way.

What will we do in a session:

We will work together to create goals for your next draft.

I will provide notes and feedback based on our consultation session, to ensure that feedback responds to what you are looking for help with.

For clients interested, you also have the option of group facilitation through my Plays and Pastries series. Which is a bi-monthly party for professional actors and playwrights. We read plays, in a relaxed environment, (with lunch!) and actors are given clear guidelines for how to give feedback that is specifically catered to the goals of your script. This way playwrights can hear their work out loud in the space. This is a great space to test your script (do the jokes land well? does the plot make sense to others?) - some questions are better answered in groups, which is why it's helpful to go through a focus group process like P&P.


How much does a dramaturg cost? 

Every dramaturg creates their own rates. My philosophy is that dramaturgy should be accessible to everyone. I'm willing to work on a sliding scale that allows for you to feel financially stable while creating your piece. If you are hesitant to get help with your work due to the potential cost, I completely understand, and cost of services will not be a barrier when working with me. 

At what stage of my writing process should I contact a dramaturg? 

ANY stage! The right time to contact a dramaturg, is when it feels right for you to do so. I have worked with writers that come to me with a concept and want to do plot work together, and I have also worked on nearly finished drafts, that just want an additional eye before it's submitted or presented to a cast of actors.


It's a personal choice of the playwright as to when they feel the desire to bring in a dramaturg to the process. 

I'm interested! 

That's great! Please feel free to contact me directly through the contact button on this website. I look forward to supporting your voice.

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