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Dramaturgy & P&P's 

What is Dramaturgy? 

I like to think of dramaturgy, as that encouragement that helps guide and support your personal goals with your writing. We are here to aid in your abilities as a writer, provide support to your ideas and strengthen your story.


Do I need a dramaturg? 

Having and not having a dramaturg is always a personal choice. There is always a risk of missing important details in a plot, or editing oversights without a third eye. However, it should be your choice for when you feel you are ready to bring that eye into the process. 

How much does a dramaturg cost? 

Every dramaturg creates their own rates. My philosophy is that dramaturgy should be accessible to everyone. I'm willing to work on a sliding scale that allows for you to feel financially stable while creating your piece.  

When should I contact a dramaturg? 

A dramaturg, will work with you at what ever process you are at. It's a personal choice of the playwright as to when they feel the desire to bring in a dramaturg to the process. 

I'm interested! 

That's great! Please feel free to contact Chelsey directly through her website. 

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