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Get close and uncomfortable! - Seeking Discomfort comes to Calgary! 


February 20, 2024 - Seeking Discomfort, presented by Theatre Encounter as part of STRANGER FEST 2024, Calgary's performance and art festival dedicated to styles outside of Realism. 


Come, get close, and seek discomfort Taamarbuta’s newest production. Pretend that you are the director of your own movie. Your eyes are the camera. Walk around the space and experience the secrets told by the performance. 


Co-creators Keena Herman and Chelsey Fawcett, are telling their secrets through animation, music, movement, and blood in this new immersive performance art installation. 


Chelsey has developed a performance style of prolonged emotion by moving the body at a plodding pace. 


These “slow secrets” combine the methodologies of Grotowski, and Chekhov’s physical gesture logic to a deeply personal secret from the performer that is expressed through extremely slow movement. The practice demands discipline and meditation on image placement in the performer’s mind for prolonged sustained emotions, all while engaging with audience members. 




Tickets are available on the Theatre Encounter website by clicking here




Performance times of Seeking Discomfort: 


March 20 @ 6:00PM

March 22 @ 8:30PM

March 23 @ 4:00PM



Seeking Discomfort Square Promo images (also 1920X1080 compatible).png
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