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Chelsey Fawcett is interested in directing stories that highlight the female perspective in modern society. She enjoys working with all texts and putting her own unique influence into the work. She has a passion for plays from around the world (both classical and modern), and there is a special place of interest for works from Canada.


Chelsey's directing techniques come from a variety of sources depending on the plays needs. Her specialty is approaching text from a physical perspective for all her work. These techniques even go into her approach to directing for film and animation.  Chelsey's background physically as a dancer and a mover is where her methods come from. She uses methods of Grotowski, and Egyptian movements to create blocking in all of her work and character development to tell stories that are rooted in theory for actors, and visually engaging for an audience. 


The following photos are from previously directed projects by Chelsey Fawcett. 

Chelsey Fawcett's choreography has been seen in a variety of shows across Canada, and Australia. She is a master of improvisation for Egyptian music, and is the youngest graduate of the A-Z advanced program under the Keti Sharif curriculum. Chelsey has also trained in other genre's of dance such as ballet, jazz, and bharatnatyam.


Choreography credits include: Bea - Sage Theatre, James & the Giant Peach - Story Book Theatre, Culture Night - Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

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